3rd Crown Classical Quads

Event Information

  • Join us for our USCF-rated 3rd Crown Classical Quads.

  • Venue. Gaithersburg Library, 2nd Floor, Large Room, 18330 Montgomery Village Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. Also beware of speed and/or red light cameras.

  • Tournament Directors. Chief TDs: FM Luke Wong & Erick Toribio; Assistant TDs: Aloysius Han & Richard Ha

  • Date and Time. Saturday, Sept 17, 2022, from 11AM-530PM. Registration: 1045-11AM. 1st Round: 11AM. 2nd Round: 130PM. 3rd Round: 330PM.

  • Time control/Format. 3 rounds, G/55 min, plus 5 sec delay. Last section may be a Swiss hex with same time controls.

  • Entry Fee. $0, but requesting $10 donation to offset costs of room rental, USCF tournament submission & trophies/medals. Pre-registrants, so far, range from 101 to 1951.

  • USCF membership. Players need to ensure their memberships are current; you can renew your membership directly with USCF. We will not pair players with inactive or no USCF memberships.

  • Prizes: No prizes. All junior players (6-14 yrs old) winning their quads will win a trophy (different from 1st & 2nd Quads). All junior players (6-14 yrs old) will receive a chess medal (different from 1st & 2nd Quads).

  • Pre-Register: Pre-register at: https://www.rockvillechess.org/events/3rd-crown-classical-quads Only first 64 USCF-active pre-registrants are guaranteed playing spots. Email rockvillechessclub@gmail.com beforehand if register on-site (NOT recommended).

  • Please bring your own chess sets, clocks, notation sheets, and pens.

Final Tournament Results